Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Zealand

January 7, 2012
My Dad got a job offer...YAY....Oh, wait....It's in NEW ZEALAND...sad:(
This was the day my Dad left for N.Z. He has gone over to check out the job. I wish him the best of luck even though I am sad he is SO far and I miss him!

Grandpa and his grand kids

Grandpa helping Lucy ride the train.
This is how Levi feels about Grandpa moving.....
My Dad was taking his bags to the car and Levi stood by the door and cried. I really think he could sense something was going on.
Alan and Dad
Bethany and Dad
Levi and Grandpa
He got his Grandpa again so he is happy
The gang
At the airport

This to show all their friends who have never seen a slot machine
Ivy gave Grandpa a hug goodbye...Ezra would not:(
Good Luck Dad!!!


Chelsea said...

ohmyword - could you be any prettier?! Sheesh lady! :)