Sunday, January 29, 2012

D&D Petersen Reuion

It's not very often that Ryan's family gets to all be together so we were very excited that the whole gang would be together for a few days! Ryan's mom and dad rented a great lodge for the family to stay at so we could all be together.
Or maybe not!!!!We all had a meal to be in charge of. Lets just say we ate really well the whole time, all the time!
Nelli was up first and Michelle gave her a hand in the kitchen.....
by trying to force her to eat raw meat! Sisterly love:)
Ezra enjoyed his first ever sledding!


Having FUN!

Caleb, A.J., and Sawyer

Sometimes you crash

Danielle and Alexis

Jamie and Alexis

Dennis snowshoeing


Ezra went up and just started snuggling with Uncle Brady and Olive
Amie and I getting ready for some cross-country skiing
Amie, Lynne and I
Ezra crashed while sledding. It looked way worse in person! He will tell you. "I got ice in my eyes."

Ezra loved his present from Grandma and Grandpa!
Yes Lucy, your baby has eyes!
Like father like daughter
Ryan and Olive

Sweet Caleb built Ezra a tunnel for his new train

L&L first snow....They cried a lot!

Brady, Scout and Nelli

Fun stuff at the lodge

This thing tried to kill me! When we first got to the lodge the driver put out a stool for everyone to step on to get out. Well the stool slipped out from under me and I landed on my shoulder. My shoulder was hurting so bad I didn't notice until later that my entire thigh was bruised too:( It has been over a month and my shoulder still hurts really bad(ugh...I messed it up)!!!!!
We all took some tumbles in sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, but we were having too much fun to let it bring us down! Thank you to everyone who made it fun and a big thank you to D&D for making it happen!