Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm TWO!

December 25, 2010
Our (semi) Sweet Ezra boy is TWO!
Ryan has been calling him two for awhile as he has been acting *two*......why must they go through this *two* business?
That being said we are blessed to have this little guy in our family!

My sweet boy
Christmas was such a long day! Ryan was at work all day and looking forward to celebrating Ezra's birthday when he got home, but as you can tell, this little guy was pooped! We snapped this photo and took a sweet little video of me holding him. It was one of those heart warming mom moments. I held him and reflected on his birth and just enjoyed my SWEET baby boy. He was out cold when all of a sudden he woke up. He was wide awake and ready to go. The babies were asleep so we were able to spend some time just the three of us. I was really nice! We sang happy birthday and he blew out the candles. He liked it so much that we repeated this about twelve times! It was cute. We would light the candles and he would start singing to himself. Sometimes he would just sing part of the song before he would blow out the candles and other times he would sing the whole thing. He always clapped for himself at the end.

What a big boy!

Enjoying his cake!
So this cake is sugar free (a little bit of honey was used to sweeten) and gluten free. Do you want to know what it's made of?.....
It was very moist and pretty darn tasty. Next time I make it I'm going to make a few changes that will hopefully make it even better.
Ezra is wearing his Lightning Mc Queen pjs and using his Lightening Mc Queen bowl, he LOVES them! Thank you Grandad Great!!!

Dear Ezra,
You are such a wonderful boy! You are smart, happy and handsome. There is no way for me to truly express how much I love you and how impressed I am by you. You have great verbal skills! You speak so well, clearly and in sentences. Because of this I sometime forget that you are only two and get frustrated when you act *two*. You Love to sing. Some of your songs you've learned at church, some from me and the others you make up on your own. You LOVE to eat! You aren't a big eater at dinner but you beg me for food the rest of the day. Some of your favorite foods are...peanut butter and honey sandwiches, egg salad, rice, fruit, cornbread, biscuits, pancakes and *ice cream* (frozen bananas and strawberries), pretzels and raisins. You are a great big brother. You are always giving your "Levi boy and Lucy girl" love. You like to go to church and see your nursery teacher. You always say "I love my Sister Hall!" (your teacher) You talk about Jesus and about the temple. Unfortunately you currently think the hotels on the strip are temples. You know about the temple hopefully we can teach you where the real ones are:) You still love your Singing Time DVDs. Mommy and Daddy got our family the box set for Christmas so now we can watch them more. You are learning more and more everyday! I love you so much!!! I feel so blessed to be your mom! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

I love you,


Chelsea said...

Wait... the hotels on the strip are NOT temples?!



A black bean cake, eh? I'm going to google that for a recipe! I made a pumpkin pie out of pinto beans once! But made the mistake of telling people what it was before they got to try it. Why are people so scared of BEANS? :)

Welcome to the *terrific* twos!

Stacie said...

i love that you have written down this special memory for him!