Saturday, February 19, 2011

Duck, duck, GOOSE!


Who wants to go feed the ducks? ME!
Ezra loves to feed the ducks! On this particular day I was sitting on a bench feeding one of the babies just watching the feeding. This is what I saw......YES, a goose, "GOOSING" my husband!!! HA HA HA

It was so funny I was cracking up the whole time! Ryan would hand feed the goose then turn to feed other birds or hand Ezra more bread. When the goose was finished with it's bread it would goose Ryan over and over until he would feed it again. Next time we go to the park I'm bringing a video camera! I want to win some money on America's funniest home videos....Is that show still around? Ryan says the only way we would win is if he were to get goosed in the ....ummm.... front..... ummmm.....Right below the belt. Is that a tactful way to put it? Not sure if Ryan would be willing to sacrifice but if it "accidentally" happened it would be HILARIOUS and win me money! Maybe I should start researching goose training.


Chels Allred said...

how fun!! except for geese scare the crap out of me. Those things are vicious!

Melissa said...

I think they still have AFV on sunday nights, I saw a commercial for a new episode the other day I think.