Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy New Year!


In My Dad's family New Year's day is a big deal. My grandma makes lots of "game food" meatballs, nachos etc. Also up for grabs is all the rest of the holiday treats. It's a day of watching football and eating treats. I'm not big on football but I like tasty food so it works for me:)

These photos aren't the best...they are from my phone. It's better than nothing!Lucy ready for a toast!
(No there isn't anything in the glass)

Lucy & Grandma-Great
Ezra had a great time playing with an old fisher Price train.....I think it's at least as old as my Dad! I guess that's not saying too much because he's super young;)...right Dad?Here's hoping for a wonderful new year!

2011 here we come!!!