Friday, February 11, 2011

It was one of those days....

Where you are so thankful to live in Vegas because it's January and while the rest of the country is FREEZING you are on a lovey walk with your family wearing short sleeves. I LOVE Vegas weather.....sometimes. Don't even ask in August. We are taking out the grass in our front yard to be "water smart". Not because we are "tree huggers" but because our summer water bills were TWO HUNDRED dollars a month. TWO HUNDRED!!!!
*Side story......

The first month we got one of those crazy water bills was while I was pregnant (crazy water bill + crazy pregnant lady= CRAZY!) I looked at the bill through it on the ground and kicked it under the couch. Really mature I know.*

In Las Vegas there is a place called the springs preserve. They have all sorts of things that teach about not just conserving water but are other natural resources as well. On this beautiful day we headed there so we could get some ideas for water smart plants.
I just loving seeing Daddies with their kids, especially this one!

Ahhh, one of those days:)
January 18, 2011