Saturday, February 5, 2011

SANTA....maybe not

December 23, 2010

I dressed the kids up and feed them well in hopes for a good picture with Santa. As we were making our way into The Bass pro shop a women stopped and asked us if we were going to see Santa (there is no other reason to have kids so dressed up to go to The Bass pro shop) We told her yes and she informed us that she waited TWO and a half hours to see Santa! I went to see how long the line was, hoping that it might be shorter. As I walked in it didn't look so bad. But as I walked and walked and walked through the store to get to the end of the line I realized we would not be taking pictures with Santa. The line could easily have been a four hour line by that point. No thank you!!! Thankfully Ezra loves The Bass pro shop so we had a fun outing, even though we didn't get to see Santa. Maybe next year we will go the day after Thanksgiving:)

Ezra wants this for Christmas......oh, maybe that was on Daddy's wish list not Ezra's.

Ezra loves the fish


Chelsea said...

oooo, that photo in front of the fish tank is really cool!

I want be a good photo-taker... *sigh*