Saturday, February 5, 2011

A VERY special blessing day

Blessing two babies in one day is pretty awesome......

But blessing THREE in one day is really awesome!

We blessed Levi & Lucy the same day as my cousin Carleen's Baby Elias. It was wonderful to have most of our family there, as they were in town for the holidays. We blessed the babies at my Aunt Georgeanne and Uncle Rand's beautiful home. Not only were they gracious enough to let us use their home my Aunt also put together a wonderful meal. THANK YOU!!!

Carleen & Elias
Not only is Carleen my cousin, she is also one of my dearest friends. I have so many wonderful memories of special times together and I am thankful to add this special day to that list. Elias has had many surgeries since his birth. I am so thankful he has been so strong through it all! He is a special, sweet and handsome boy!!!
I Love you both...oh, and you too Jon:)
Ryan's parents
Dennis and Diana

Ryan's Mom

My Dad's Mom, Colleen
She crocheted the babies beautiful blankets!

My Aunt had the idea to Skype with my family during the blessing...I never would have thought of that. She got permission and we did it. Thanks again Aunt Georgeanne!
It was great to "have my family there"!!! They couldn't hear all of it but they got part of it:) It's was nice to feel like they were there, kind of!
Mommy & Lucy
I made Lucy's headband and Ryan added sleeves to her dress.

Lucy & Daddy

Levi & Mommy
Levi wore the same outfit Ezra wore when he was blessed.

Daddy & Levi

Who's that good looking couple?
Oh wait it's us:)

Our family
Thank you everyone who came....and thank you to those of you who wanted to be there but couldn't.


Gui said...

I love the dress. You look awesome.

Stacie said...

Her headband is THE BEST! Love, love, love it!