Sunday, February 13, 2011

1/2 a year!

That's right my babies are six months old!!! Time has gone by SO fast and SO slow......Fast: Those sweet little tiny baby moments.....Slow: No sleep, crying and feedings. It's been the hardest six months of my life but I wouldn't change it (well maybe the whole sleep thing:) I have grown and changed so much for the better and I am thankful for that! My heart has grown! When you have a baby you love them SO much and wonder how you could ever love another child as much as you love your first. I'm thankful that my heart has grown to hold enough love for all three of my children. I love them equally but differently. The one thing that hasn't grown....TIME. I wish I had more time to give to EVERYONE! This includes Ryan and myself!!! Hopefully I will learn to balance my time better. I think it will get easier as the babies get older and can play by themselves (without mommy) more.

You are changing everyday! I feel sad that I really can't capture how hansome you are on film. Don't get me wrong I have cute pictures of you but you are even more handsome in person! You are getting close to crawling. It is SO cute to watch you concentrate while you move. You get your mouth moving along with your legs. You move both knees at the same time and scoot all over the floor. You got your first tooth and and are REALLY close to getting your second. You are still a "fuzz head" as Daddy would say. This means you don't have much hair but we LOVE it! Your smile is captivating and your laugh is so sweet. A new cute thing you do is make fists with your hands and twist them like you are reving a motorcycle all while making a "blue steel" face. SO CUTE! You are growing and developing so well. We love you Levi boy!!!

My little firework! I call you this because your arms and legs are constantly going. One day I was feeding you while laying down and you were holding onto the blanket lifting it up then down over and over. It was so cute! You are scooting yourself around and rolling over and over. You are teething but there is no sign of any little teeth poking through yet. Your smile lights up your face and well as those around you! I love picking you up in the morning. You give me the biggest smile and REACH for me, it melts my heart. You are very strong! You are constantly pulling yourself up doing sit-ups or v-ups. You are absolutly beautiful! We love you Lucy girl!!!

I took these pictures on their half birthday. I kept meaning to get pictures all day but never had the chance as our whole house has been sick. I snapped these pictures right before bed. Just for memory's sake today was the superbowl. I don't care much for football but just thought I would mention it in case anyone might care.