Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 1, 2010

We started the day at the Eumundi Market. It is a huge market where all the locals bring things to sell...... Food, clothing, woodwork, crafts, art and everything and anything else you can think of. There are also people playing music. We had fun walking around and enjoying some Australian culture. If you don't know what a didgeridoo sounds like just watch an Outback Stake House commercial. Listen for the wa wa sound. Now playing the didgeridoo isn't as easy as you might think, it takes skill. To play you must buzz your lips while the didg is touching your mouth. Try buzzing your lips, now take your fingers and make a OK sign and put it up to your lips. Not so easy right? Now that's just to make a sound come out. If you want it to sound good/cool at all you have to move your tongue around or say words while buzzing. My little brother Alan has been playing since November and he is really good! People at the market would stop to watch him play. They would say "Look, it's that kid playing." I wanted to give it shot, and what do you know.....I'm a natural. I could even do a couple of tricks! I still have a LONG way to go before I consider myself good but it was really fun. My problem is I don't have enough breath support so I will have to wait till after the babies are born to really start practicing.

The Australians are very friendly! All day long you hear "G-day" (good day) "good on you" and "no worries". As I was standing in line for "the toilet" (that's how they refer to the bathroom) I had a lady say "Oh, you have such a lovely bump!" The bump is what they call the pregnant belly. It's also how they refer to your unborn child. Then the other ladies in line stared taking to me as well telling how wonderful I looked. They were all very excited about the twins! They were all so positive. I LOVE them!!! I'm so used to hearing "Wow, your huge!" or "Oh, twins....I feel sorry for you!" mostly negative things. What a nice change! I found Australians to be more positive than Americans in general. Australia is the place for pregnant women!

Speaking of pregnant women.....May 1, 2010 marked 25 weeks

Here is a picture of "The Bump"

After the market we stopped at a park to make lunch. Every park in Australia has electric grills and they are very well maintained. So what do you grill when you are in OZ? SAUSAGE!!!

Ezra LOVED It! We tried kangaroo sausages called kanga bangas. This was our first and only time eating kangaroo meat! Not because it tasted bad, it was good. The reason is knowledge..... Ryan read Steve Erwin's book and we learned more about kangaroos and how we need to protect them. Sorry Steve....we didn't know! I have to say this was the best lunch I've ever had made in a park!
In America we have pigeons as wild birds. In Australia they have turkeys. Ezra had a blast chasing them! he got pretty close too.

Noosa was beautiful! Blue water and white sand........ need I say more? Oh, the sand squeaks...... yes, SQUEAKS! When you walk on your toes you can hear it. Crazy! Ezra liked the sand not only to play in but to eat too! He had a great time knocking down the sandcastles Bethany and Alan made. Ezra did NOT like the water! He cried when the waves came up. Ryan and I LOVED the water, it felt great! The water in Australia is way more salty then the water here in America. I wonder why???


That four wheeler car thing drove across to beach selling snow cones and ice cream.

The Big Pineapple is a pineapple farm and tour that is famous for a huge fake pineapple. Inside the pineapple you can take the stairs to the top to take a picture. On your way up there is a bunch of information about pineapples. Did you know it takes about three pineapples to make one regular sized can of pineapple!?! Impressive fact, no?

Last stop of the day was the beautiful Mary Cairncross rainforest. It was getting late and it was raining so we didn't get to say for long. I am glad we went at that time because we got these beautiful pictures.

The amazing thing is as you are driving to a rainforest the sky will be sunny and it isn't as green. As you get closer to the rainforest it gets greener and all of a sudden you hit the rainforest and it rains. I guess that's where they get their name. the mountains in the distance are the famous Glass House mountains. From certain angles the one on the right looks like a squatting gorilla.