Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pelican count & Soccer Game

May 7, 2010

Just down the street from my parents house is a place called Pelican park. Each morning at 10:00 they do a pelican count. A park volunteer goes out with a bright yellow bucket of fish and the pelicans fly in. I guess during the season we were in they don't get very many pelicans, so we were really lucky to see two! The purpose of this "count" is not really for the counting of the birds, it is more to check them to make sure they are not injured. Our birds were very healthy!

See how close Ezra got!

I love this picture!!!
A seagull is trying to swoop in as the pelican catches the fish.

We were able to go to one of Alan and Andrew's school soccer games. Each Friday (weather permitting) at the end of school the kids are bussed to the field and they play a few games and then they are bussed back to the school. No taking your kids to practice or games, just show up and watch. Now that's what I'm talking about!

The boys are really enjoying soccer. We had a great time watching them! Good job boys!!!


The Hughes' said...

That's so neat that they are getting so involved! I am glad they are doing well! Do they have little Aussie accents yet?