Thursday, June 3, 2010

Australia or BUST!

April 27, 2010

Passports, tickets, visas, diapers, clothes.....

After months of preparation the day had finally come we were going to Australia!

Ezra was Letting Grandma and Grandpa know we would be there soon!

A big thank you to our friend Ashley for picking us up (and all of our stuff) and taking us to the airport!

Our one hour flight to LA left at 6:00PM and was not bad at all. In LA we had a four hour layover which meant our flight to Brisbane didn't leave until 11:00PM. Now Ezra normally goes to bed at about 6:30, so he was really tried! Perfect, Right? No! There was so much going on in the airport that he wouldn't sleep and he was cranky. Ryan managed to get him to sleep before we got on our flight. We were hoping if we did this then he could just sleep on the plane. Well it was a good plan.... but it did not work at all! When the pilot turned the cabin lights on he immediately woke up. Ezra has sleep issues. In general he likes to be in perfect quiet and darkness. So here we go with a overly tried crying/ screaming baby on a THIRTEEN hour plane ride. Yes, our child was "THAT CHILD", the child you dread to be on a plane with. Luckily everyone around us was nice and seemed to have no trouble sleeping. I can't carry Ezra right now so poor Ryan had to take care of him. So we, and by we I mean mostly Ryan, spent thirteen hours with Ezra walking around, feeding him snacks, and doing anything and everything possible to keep him "happy" and not kill him. You think I'm just being a little dramatic? Just ask Ryan and watch him try not to twitch!!! Ezra did sleep...... for one hour...... total! Ryan, you are my hero!

Watching T.V.

At the end of the flight was breakfast. Ezra LOVED the orange juice!!!
Don't let that angel face fool you....... he really was a MONSTER 98% of the time! Even after him being SO horrible that little angel face melted my heart. Someday I will laugh at all this, right?