Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Dive & Party

May 14, 2010

Ryan has been scuba certified since he was 12 years old, but he has never been on a cool dive. He got certified at Lake Mead, which is so gross sounding to me! Lake Mead is very murky and is full of hideous Carp.

Australia has some AMAZING places to dive. It just so happens that right down the road from my parent place is a company that takes you out to a particularly great dive spot. I really wanted Ryan to do the dive even though it's expensive. This is rare for me because I really am tight with the purse strings! So we set up the dive. They only do the dives on certain days, so it ended up that there would be only one dive time he could get into while we were there. It was all set up and he was thrilled, honestly I was too! I had a hard time sleeping because I wanted to make sure he would be up in time. My mom and I made him breakfast and we excitedly sent him out the door. About two hours later Ryan walked back in the door. This was an all day trip so I knew something was wrong. It turns out the dive was canceled. He only found this out after calling them. He had been sitting there waiting getting nervous that he had somehow missed them or that he was in the wrong place. They said they tried to call him the day before but the number they had was wrong. We are not sure if they did somehow have the wrong number but none of that matters. What matters is he didn't get to do the dive! He was crushed!!! It still makes me sad when I think about! I hope he gets to do a cool dive someday!!!

I wanted to cheer Ryan up so suggested that we go to Healthy Noddle a tasty Asian place down the street from my parents. We got some food and headed down to the beach to picnic.
That evening Alan and Andrew had a birthday party. It was fun to meet some of my families' new friends. I am really thankful to all the kind people who have warmly welcomed them to Australia!

They had a great time!