Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ryan's trip & girls dinner

May 18, 2010

At Camp Doo Doo we worked on more than one didgeridoo. There was one didg that we worked really hard on. Ryan barked the whole thing by himself and we both did some of the wood burning. The next morning my Mom was talking to me about that didg. She asked me if I thought Ryan would want it since he had done so much work on it. Indeed Ryan was attached to it. I told him if it was important to him he should go back and buy it. Ryan called Darren and set up a time to go get the didg. I called it saving his baby! when Ryan came home that night he had a different didg. I asked him what happened. It turns out that that didg he had put so much of his love into making sounded horrible. You see, you can't tell what the didg will sound like until it is all done. So you can put hours of work into a didg that ends up sounding terrible. Darren suggested Ryan try out some other didgs to see if there was one that would he a better fit. Ryan tried several and then.....Magic....Ryan explained that the experience was like when Harry Potter went to Ollivander's in diagon ally for the first time to choose his magic wand. Sparks flew and Ryan had found his match.

On the way back from Kenilsworth, where camp doo doo is located, Ryan stopped at this rain forest reserve. He was all by himself in the forest which, with all of the little animals scurrying around can sometimes seem a little too much like a scene from Texas chain saw massacre then a relaxing little hike. But, the pictures are beautiful.

The boys were out on a walk so it was just us girls at the dinner table so we thought it would be fun to make it a fancy dinner aka regular dinner with candles and sparkling cider.

We had fun having girl talk and laughing!


The Hughes' said...

Love the Bundaberg candle holder!