Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hungry Jack

May 10, 2010

In Australia they don't call Burger King, Burger King, it's called Hungry Jack. Now food is really expensive in Australia (along with everything else) But a Hungry Jack they have this special meal deal where you get a sandwich (burger or chicken), fries, a drink and a ice cream for five bucks....not bad. Then you can upgrade your regular ice cream for a fancy one with mix-ins for a dollar more. The kids had talked about Hungry Jack and this deal several times. We thought it would be a fun treat to take them there, so that's what we did. And of course we upgraded to the fancy ice cream, which was really good! Ezra had a great time playing in the play area with the kids. He liked to smoosh his face on the glass and look at us. It was really cute!


The Hughes' said...

Hungry Jack was good! It was so good to have food I was used to!