Thursday, June 3, 2010


May 13, 2010

Ryan and I took a day trip to the city of Brisbane and left Ezra with grandma. There is a river that runs through the city so to see some great sights riding the City Cat down the river is the only way to go.
We spent the day riding around the river and getting off at different spots to see the sights. There is a LDS Temple on top of a hill called Kangaroo point. Below The temple there is a area for rock climbing. The cool thing is it is fully lit at night so you can climb all night!

We were looking for somewhere to eat so we asked one of the city workers. She said our best bet was to go across the river by the mall. So that's where we went. When we got to the mall we found the information center to ask for a good recommendation. The ladies there said "You are in the city, there is nothing good in the city." OK.....I was hungry and wanted good food. They did tell us where we could get some good food several blocks away. Once again we were on our way to food. When we got to that area nothing looked great and it was all really expensive. I was having a breakdown just thinking about spending that much money on food that didn't even sound good. I was also thinking about all the places we could go to at home for that same price. Ryan was so patient with me during my mini melt down (darn pregnancy hormones). We finally found somewhere that had some decent prices and it looked pretty good. The was a sign stating a dress code. I told Ryan that it really meant that you just had to be wearing a shirt and shoes. People are so laid back in Australia that it is perfectly normal to see someone in the store with out a shirt and without shoes. Ryan and I were indeed wearing shirts and shoes so we were ok to eat at the restaurant. Onto the was not so good.The thing is that just a couple of day previous to this day we had another not so great food experience. At this point we were beginning to think we were cursed to pick bad restaurants! Las Vegas has spoiled us. We have tons of really great places to eat all over the valley! So full but but not satisfied we headed back towards the river.

There are TONS of bridges in Brisbane. So to get a good feel for the city we decided to take one of the foot bridges. The views were amazing!

Me and my ride
A big thank to Ryan for pushing me around the city!

I LOVE this picture!

After our walk/ride over the foot bridge we decided to hit up a ice cream/yogurt shop we had seen earlier. It looked So good. You picked your yogurt flavor and then berries and they had this machine that mixed them together. It turns out.....we were cursed! It was not good at all. It wasn't very sweet and just didn't taste very good. The only reason we ate it was because we spent six dollars on it.

Other than the food malfunctions we had a great day in the city of Brisbane!


The Hughes' said...

That's so sad cause we went to a little fish and chips shop, and it was good! It was by the manmade beach close to the temple. Can't remember what it's called!