Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Phone Photos

These photos are not the best quality because they are taken from my phone but I still wanted to post them.

Ezra working out
This is what Ezra was doing while we were waiting to be seated for our fancy dinner put on by the kids.

One cute little man after a shower.

Do you know what this is? This is how you flush the toilet. The half triangle is for "number one" and the whole triangle is for "number two" it's for water conservation. Cool! Australia is really into conserving energy in general.

Here is another example.

All the outlets have a switches so when you are not using the outlet you turn the switch off and the power completely shuts off to that outlet. I SO wish we had this! Did you know that appliances still draw energy when they are plugged in and not in use? Aussies have figured out that you can save 50% or more on your power by unplugging, or turning power off to, appliances not in use.

We passed this a couple of times but I couldn't get a picture. Ryan stopped and got one for me. Thank you!

Ezra & Andrew


Ezra kept standing right in front of the T.V. so my Mom pulled out this little mat to try and get him to stay back.....brilliant! How cute is he!!!

Andrew is in percussion at school and he gets to play may different instruments. This particular week he had the xylophone. Ezra had a ball playing.

Some Australian money


The Hughes' said...

I remember when I was first trying to use something I had plugged in and it wouldn't work! Tom had to explain to me about the switches! (and the toilets!)

The Hughes' said...

P.S. - I love how their money can't be ripped! It's nice, no taped up dollars!

The Hughes' said...

Sorry so many comments! Was the toilet in a different room from the sink and shower? First I just thought my BIL & SIL house was weird, but that's the way it was everywhere!

Chels Allred said...

I am reading through all of your australia posts and i am in LOVE. its dream place. i dont know why, but i think it'd be rad to live there. how fun for you guys! and ps..
you look amazing!! so cute and your arms are teensy!!