Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shipwreck & Fancy Dinner

May 16, 2010

After church the boy decided to go on a little walk to see a shipwreck. This is a ship they transplanted to the beach. Ryan said it was neat and Ezra had a good time.

Ezra making himself right at home.

In December for my parents anniversary Bethany, Alan and Andrew set up a fancy dinner for my parents on the patio. The kids were dying to do the same thing for us and of course we obliged. We were sent into the exercise room (right next to my parents flat) to wait while they got ready. As we headed out the door I asked if I could get a cushion on my seat and Bethany said I would have to call and put it in my reservation. So I picked up my phone (my hand) and called her. At that point I named the restaurant The Elizabeth House. I named it after Bethany, her middle name is Elizabeth. By the way isn't she totally gorgeous!?! Our lovely waiter Bob (Andrew) came to get us and tell us our table was ready. See the towel over his arm...too cute!

These are some funny kids!!! Bethany played the role of our sassy waitress. She asked us if we were from America because she she detected a bit of an accent. We told her we were from Canada and we were very offended by people thinking we were Americans. This was not the only witty banter. Let me set the stage....The kids wanted to keep Ezra inside so we could enjoy our nice dinner but Ezra had different plans. He ended up walking in and out of the house throughout dinner. The kids trying to keep the element of surprise were trying to keep the drapes closed as much as possible. At one point Ezra was playing in the curtains and Andrew said out of nowhere, "Pay no attention to the baby behind the curtain." Like from the wizard of OZ. We were all dying of laughter!!! We had a wonderful eating, talking and laughing!

Thank you Bethany, Alan and Andrew for a great night!!!


The Hughes' said...

How fun! They sound like amazing kids!