Thursday, June 3, 2010


Maccas...... what's that?

Mc Donalds!

One thing you've got to know about the Aussies is they had a nickname for EVERYTHING! When you live the laidback lifestyle they do you can't spend all your time saying such long words. Here are a couple abbreviations....... ta (thank you), brecky (breakfast)

After a long day of hard work and fun at Camp Doo Doo we were starving! Like I said previously things close early for the most part in Australia, so it was hard to find somewhere open to eat. Well, what is open everywhere all the time? Mc Donalds of course. Now I don't usually eat at Mc Donalds. My one exception is their ice cream....I love it!

So here is Ezra at Mc Donals for the first time.
Look at that face! Look impressed much?

Ezra definitely prefers In-In-Out!