Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No complaints!

I've had many people ask me "How are you feeling?" This has got to be the most popular pregnancy question. I also get a lot of other questions..... about my back (I have scoliosis, which is painful enough by it's self let alone while pregnant!), about having the babies early (premature), about my stomach (I have diastasis recti, another thing that hurts enough when not pregnant), bed rest, and many other questions about other health problem I have but do not wish to share with the world.
Here is my answer to all questions......
Is this a easy pregnancy? NO! Am I sore, tired and in pain EVERYDAY? YES! I really feel way too blessed to complain about any of these things!
I have two very healthy babies growing inside me. What a gift to be able to have children! What a gift to be able to feel these sweet babies moving around! I do not take these gifts for granted as I know not all can experience these things. So what's nine months of sickness, pain and permanent figure changes? REALLY? When you are receiving one of the greatest gifts! I thank my Heavenly Father for each painful pregnant day!!! Everyday I carry these babies is one more day they are growing healthy in me and one less day they could spend in the NICU. I have NO wish to have these babies early! I hear many pregnant women say "I'm SO done being pregnant!!!" This truly is a feeling all expecting moms feel. I have had a change of heart! You will Not hear those words uttered from my lips. I am bound and determined to enjoy this time I have, this gift!
June 17, 2010
31 weeks
This is a picture after my doctors appointment/ultrasound.
The babies are very healthy! Little girl is about 3lbs 8oz and little boy is 3lbs 6oz. They are each the healthy size of what a singleton (one baby) should be at this point, not at all small! Dr. told me to keep up the good work. Work it is!!! I have to eat ALL day long to get the nutrients we need. Some of you might be thinking that sounds like fun. Well, it's NOT!!! I'm not eating ice cream and doughnuts, I'm eating healthy, protein packed foods. I have to eat over 100 grams of protein a day. Just for fun look at something you normally eat during the day and see what the protein is per serving, you will be surprised. Things that are high in protein make you feel full longer, which is great if you are trying to loose weight or are not trying to eat as much as I have to. I have very little space for food because these babies have taken over, so I have to eat a little at a time till I reach my daily goal. Honestly I have to force feed myself most days. I've gained 30lbs so far and they want me to gain more. During doctor appointments they always measure your uterus to make sure it's growing properly to take care of your baby, or in my case babies. You are supposed to be one centimeter for every week pregnant you are. Now of course I'm supposed to measure bigger because I have two babies cooking. So any guesses at what I measured in at last week?
I measured in at...
42 centimeters!
That's right I officially have the body of a women who is past due and I still have two months to go! So imagine that feeling of being nine months pregnant......can you feel it? Now live like that for over three months!!! Not comfortable, but TOTALLY worth it!!! Who said pregnancy was supposed to be easy anyway? I feel bad for those who had to do this a long time ago! Crossing the plains, sleeping on rocks! I've got it easy!!!! A comfy bed and a T.V. What more can you ask for?

Ezra at 31 weeks

This is what Ezra has been up to lately...
Having a ball!

I love Granddad Great!
This is my Mom's dad. Unfortunately, Ezra really hasn't spent very much time with his grandad so far during his little life. My Granddad has been over a couple of times in the last week to see my mom and Ezra has fallen in love! My granddad doesn't like to push the kids into spending time with him. When we try and get the kids to say hi or give him a hug he always says "Don't bother them, let them come to me when they are ready!" It works....Ezra was begging him to hold him and play with him! In the picture above Ezra is cracking up at a funny game Granddad was playing with him. Ezra now asks for him and signs grandpa.

What's that I said? Granddad, visit my Mom?
She's here....
Hallelujah she's here!
We are so blessed to have my mom staying with us right now as I need 24 hour help!


David and Melissa Gardner said...

Yay for healthy babies! Are you going to do hospital birth this time or try for home? I loved all the Australia pics but there were so many I didn't have time to comment on them.

David and Melissa Gardner said...
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CJMsquared+3 said...

Wow!! That's a lot of eating but you can do it!! You don't look like you've gained 30 lbs! I am excited for you and am keeping my fingers crossed that those babies keep cooking!! Glad your mom is there! Tell her I said hi! If you get a chance would you email or fb your address to me so I can send you your baby gift... I was gonna send it to my mom and she was gonna take it to your shower for me but I didn't get it out in time :)

PookaB said...

I absolutely love your attitude. I know I'm guilty of being so ungrateful that I have the amazing gift of bringing babies into the world. But right after I give birth, I always miss it so much. You are definitely a trooper, and you look absolutely amazing. Good for you, on all fronts!

The Petersens said...

We will have the babies at home as long as everything is normal. We also see a specialist because we are having twins. He is very supportive of us having them at home! So we see a Dr. & a midwife......double babies double care:)

Amy said...

You are a rock star! My sister had twins and she really did get huge towards the end. Keep up the positive attitude :)

Chelsea M said...

I loved reading this post! (sorry - blog stalking :) Such a good attitude. I need to remember this. I've gained 30 too! My doc said he likes to see his twin moms gain at least 40. I SO hope your home birth goes as planned! You don't want to have a c-section like me :( But like you said - it's all about having healthy babies, no matter what the sacrifice is! I might just keep blog stalking you, if you don't mind :)

Stacie said...

Brittany, you look BEAUTIFUL!!

Emily said...

So i finally got around to going through all of your recent blog posts. first of all i have to say what a FUN trip you guys had!! i loved seeing the pictures and reading about some of the things you did. glad you made it home safe :)
second - i just have to say you're pretty amazing for having such a good attitude about this pregnancy. just looking at your picture makes me feel uncomfortable. don't get me wrong, i think pregnancy is a beautiful miracle... it's just not my favorite thing. i love the end result, but the 40 weeks leading up to it i could do without :) but i'm glad to hear you are doing well, and looking at the bright side of things! please keep us updated!!